The Historic Arkansas Museum,
200 East Third, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201,
Oct 14, 2005- Jan 15, 2006




I was originally going to call this show "Edges," because my work seems never to be settled but always on the edge of something, always edging toward something I don't understand, toward some brink. I never quite know what I'm doing in a professional sense, but seem to be a pawn of my emotions and of images that jump out of the dark at me.

Recently, when the muse deserted me, I went to New York in search of myself. I wasn't there but Rubens and Kentridge were. There were two exhibitions of drawings at the Metropolitan, one of Rubens' drawings and one of William Kentridge's, also featuring one of his animations. Somehow those two shows got conflated in my mind, and I became obsessed with bringing my own drawings to life. So my new brink suddenly became movement.

In the statement for my last exhibition here I wrote  about "The Ten Moments," those perfect images that must be frozen in time by a painting. But now, in my first stumbling attempts at animation, I'm cast adrift from those moments. Each of those "perfect" moments is preceded and followed by another moment, each nested in a past and a future that must be discovered-or chosen. I found it necessary to slow down my creative metabolism in order to crawl through those moments-24 of them per second!-and follow wherever they led.

Music has always been an integral but implicit part of my images, but it can be explicit in animation, and this capability to link sound with sight opens up a new world of possibilities for a painter. So in my naïve desire to add the temporal dimension to my images, I seem to have crossed over an edge I never knew existed but toward which my work may have been moving all along.

Warren Criswell
September 2005

Night Moves

The Crow

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