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These are 4-color photolithographs, signed, numbered and remarqued, reproduced from my first acrylic wash paintings on paper, each 18 x 24 inches. The images are 13 x 18 inches, printed on a actual printing press, back in the days before giclees, by Cantrell Publishing Co., Inc., in 1991. I wrote these notes for the accompanying brochure, "Four Roadside Views."


Narrows Road Morning Poem, 1981, 207/950

 "The ability of the human eye to distinguish hues is directly proportional to the level of illumination, so that every morning is a slow rebirth of color. In this painting the transformation is well underway, but the ghosts the achromatic have not yet altogether withdrawn."


L1011, 1981, 207/950

L1011 remarque

 "Cattle in the shade at noon, cumulus clouds casting moving shadows, humans at 30,000 feet, eating lunch, a bird on a wire full of voices. These are interacting elements of the ecosphere as well as of this picture space."


On the Terminator, 1981, 207/950

 "The terminator is the line which separates the illuminated side of a planet from its dark side: the shadow line. As we are carried under the line, from day toward night, we again cross the color threshold. In a few minutes the old ghosts will be back, undeterred by the security light."


The Arkansas Red Wolf, 1981, 207/950

 "An Arkansas summer night, a full moon climbing through the constellation Sagittarius. Antares rising. A nice backdrop for a werewolf movie. Why is the light on in the upstairs room? The red wolf is extinct, though it can still be heard in this painting. Dawn will soon break all these spells."



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