Sometimes things happen very fast, in the blink of an eye, and change our lives. Other changes, equally profound, take longer and are barely perceptible as they are occuring. We only notice them, with a shock, after years have passed.

This is my third and final version of "Fading." I had to go back to oil on canvas for this one. Watch the negative as well as the positive spaces. Think Escher. All things are defined by their opposites.

Music performed on the piano by Robert Boury,
from his new composition, Invisible Cities. I found this poem by Bob, which could almost have been written for this motion painting:

The clouds at sunset stand on end,
Secret Alphabets in the air
That speak a word, a line -- a Psalm,
Hebrew words without a sound.

The trees they stand in three or four,
Birch or Ash -- we can't be sure.
And into night the moon appears.

Our path retreats in rearview mirrors,
For every sunset glows and dies.
The road continues, stars arise
Like ancient writing in the skies.

.........Bob Boury

(Or watch on YouTube)



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